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In 2002, TASCAM released the Pocketstudio 5, a digital 4-track recorder with built-in programmable backing tracks. They also had a user’s forum, where owners of the PS5 were encouraged to share files and collaborate on songs. Sometimes these recordings could involve people spread around the world.

The forum was short-lived, however, and it was eventually closed down. Michael set up an alternative forum and named it the Pocketstudio 5 Users Group (PS5UG). Members continued to share files and collaborate, or showcase their own solo efforts.

In 2005, Michael solicited recordings from members of the PS5UG and assembled them into a CD, which was available for several years through Cafepress, a website mainly known for selling customized t-shirts and other items. The album was titled Another Fine Mess and featured a dozen original songs; some as collaborations and others recorded singly.

Another Fine Mess

Michael contributed one song, When Tuesdae Comes. The complete song list, with artists, included:

  • Rob Martin – Catch My Breath
  • Peter Robinson – Presense
  • Gustavo Meillón – Niña de Cristal
  • Charlie Comberrel – Garden Seduction
  • Stan Gulley – In The Bible Belt
  • Frank Kuepper – I Rock
  • Sahib Radio – Hanging Tree
  • Bob Vincent – Another Day
  • Michael Carpenter – When Tuesdae Comes
  • PS5 Super Users Group – Quitting Time
  • Cameron Pierce – The Road Is Long
  • Roger Holzheimer – I Saw You

Over the years, Michael was involved in many collaborations with a variety of other members of the group. And while production of the PS5 was shut down many years ago, the PS5UG continues up to the present day. The remaining members have moved on to other recording platforms, but still continue to collaborate from time to time or share their new recordings with each other.

Another Fine Mess is no longer in print, but the PS5UG can be reached here.